Ragas Report

Jul 3
White Sox vs CubsWe are heading to the game…in enemy territory.

White Sox vs Cubs

We are heading to the game…in enemy territory.

They’re here….

We have a Chick-fil-A downtown!  Even better, it’s a block from the Red Line, has eight registers, seating for lots of people, and is the biggest location I’ve ever seen. We checked it out Friday night - the day after the grand opening.  That makes our third early opening visit to a Chick-fil-A in Chicagoland.  I am obviously very happy. Living in Florida, you take them for granted since they are virtually on every corner.  What a great way to welcome the summer!

Our first Cubs game

Our first Cubs game

May 8
Pink tulips on State Street

Pink tulips on State Street

May 1

Bluegrass at CSO

A few weekends ago we saw bluegrass legend Dr. Ralph Stanley and his Clinch Mountain Boys perform at the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. The opening act was Cherryholmes. Great show all around in a historic and beautiful building. CSO seems to do a nice job mixing up their programming and we plan to check out “A Night in Treme,” narrated by Wendell Pierce of HBO’s Treme, next month at CSO.   Stanley’s performance of “O (Oh) Death” put a chill up our spine. You might remember it from O Brother, Where Art Thou?